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Raw Food Bible

  • Sale Price: $23.95
Softcover - 173 pages
with 103 recipes
  • The Secrets of Longevity and Vibrant Health
  • The Science Behind Living Foods
  • Gourmet Live Food Recipes
  • Acid-Alkaline Balancing
  • How to Regulate Body Temperature with Food
  • Cutting Edge Information from Ancient Societies to Modern Science

The name on this book implies that it is strictly about food; it is not. There are many factors that contribute to health and disease. This book will deal with three main categories; Nutrition, lifestyle, and the mind/body connection. Picture a three-legged stool. If one of the legs is shorter than the other two the stool will be off balance or fall over. Each of the three legs must be equal in order to achieve balance. And so it is with human health. Nutrition, lifestyle and the mind/body connection must be balanced.

An ever-increasing number of people in the United States and worldwide refer to themselves as Raw or Living Foodists, some who are just tired of being ill and others who seek to reach their highest health potential.

Raw Food Bible