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Elmore's Honey Half Quart

  • Sale Price: $8.95
Welcome to the exciting world of Honey Bees, and the products they produce. Such as Pure Raw Honey which contains amino acids, a variety of vitamins and also has antibacterial properties. Did you know that bees wax might be the reason that beekeepers live longer than other people.

Honey can be used in many different ways, such as a substitute for sugar. It is very good with hot tea, also for baking, and various cooking recipes.

Raw Honey is loaded with Pollen which is made up of vitamins and minerals .Once the body starts using these vitamins and minerals as a food source you may be less prone to allergies.

The type of honey is determined by the collection of nectar from different flowers , Clover fields would produce Clover Honey, BlackBerry Bushes would produce BlackBerry Honey, Wildflower honey would be a mixture of several different types of flowers.

We believe in honey that is Raw Natural, not heated or filtered. Pasteurization damages the honey and therefore has no nutritional value.

Raw honey should appear cloudy and contain wax. The darker the honey the higher the vitamin and mineral content.

We are a Northern California Company, All of our honeys are produced in the surrounding Sacramento, California. area.

Elmore's Honey Half Quart