What is Juice Feasting

Juice Feasting

Juice Feasting, as the name implies, is a Program of abundance, in which the Feaster drinks 12-15 lbs of juiced produce each day, providing all the nutrition needed to feed the body/mind, yet placing the body in a position to detoxify and eliminate deficiencies. Juice Feasting pushes the reset button on your physiology through a 30-92 day Program of drinking 4 Quarts of fresh juices and superfood concentrates each day, which turns on the human physiology to the greatest extent possible. THIS IS VERY EXCITING!

Juice Feasting is a bona-fide solution to the lack of healing centers worldwide that can adequately support everyone who needs to remove the underlying causes of their health challenges and switch on to a level of health few experience.

Juice Feasting is a self-empowering practice, accessible to all, that can be accomplished while still going to work and taking care of family responsibilities. Never before has such a dramatically impactful, deep-cleansing program in which one can heal to completion been so accessible to the public. As you will learn in "Modern Challenges," Juice Feasting is coming online just when society needs it most desperately.

In this JuiceFeasting.com presentation of profound implications, David Rainoshek, M.A. and Katrina Rainoshek will:

  • place Juice Feasting in the context of a Modern Hero’s Journey, a journey that is imperative for personal and societal well-being
  • teach you how to Juice Feast, including:
    • supplements and superfoods
    • kitchen, bath, and body
    • grocery shopping
    • how to make beautiful juices
    • what a day in the life of a Juice Feasters looks like
    • how to keep track of your progress easily
  • Provide a 92-Day Juice Feasting Timeline with specific notes
  • Answer Frequently Asked Questions in detail
  • Show you the Primary Resources for the 92-Day Juice Feasting Program
  • Key you in to the Global Juice Feast 2008 in which you can join thousands of others in healing with the world.
  • Provide you with a list of highly qualified, personally certified Juice Feasting Consultants to coach you should you need personalized guidance and coaching.
  • Share with you everything you will need to know to have a succesful and enjoyable Juice Feast!

We want this to be one of the most extraordinary, empowering, significant experiences of your life that will add years to your life, and life to your years!

Please read carefully through the entire Juice Feasting Introduction that we have provided for you, compliments of your hosts, David and Katrina Rainoshek. These pages are just a small taste of the massive amount of exciting health and wellness information we have gathered for you as part of our 92-Day Program. Whether you decide to join us on our 92-Day Program on JuiceFeasting.com to enjoy your experience, or to take this information and begin feasting on your own, we do hope you enjoy receiving and implenting this extraordinarily valuable Program, transforming your life in extraordinary ways!

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