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UPDATE- Dec. 2010

deniPeople ask me all of the time why did I take the ‘Natural’ approach to healing Lyme and Breast Cancer? I have seen many loved ones, myself included, be treated repeatedly for the symptoms of disease and not the root cause.  I look at countries across our borders and see a different attitude toward the patient and their healing process. The traditional Western Medicine approach is great for some diagnoses but not all.  I took ownership of being involved in my treatment and healing when I got tired of hearing doctors, some very nice, try to give me medication to treat the symptoms instead of solving the issue that is causing me all of the pain and suffering. 

I am not saying that you should do ANYTHING that I do.  I am saying that it is up to you to follow your own intuition and evaluate the results you are getting from any treatment you are involved with- YOU must find your own Truth. I don’t let any treatment become part of my “Story.”  I do what works for me right now, documenting what is and what is not working. I then seek additional options as I uncover more insights from my doctor and the valuable news coming from the web.  Most of all, I trust my Intuition first and foremost. I believe that we have a responsibility to light our own way, to have the faith in ourselves to persevere, and to demand that our concerns be addressed in regards to our own personal healthcare.

You will notice that I am very opinionated regarding many issues:  Juice Feasting, Raw Foods, Organic Foods, Ozone (Oxygen) Therapy, Rife Therapy, Alternative Medicine, No-GMO Foods, and so many more.  One thing that I can say is that we have to prove to ourselves, through our own experiences, what works and what does not.  Media, Technology and Medicine all have a role to play in our lives.  We have a responsibility to be in charge of that influence and to see through the “spin” or “paradigm” to know what is being sold…

With that said, here are my personal experiences with some of my illnesses:

Lyme Disease

Lyme DiseaseLyme Disease has been misunderstood and underestimated across the U.S. in our media, our healers, and the everyday person on the street.  Unless you have Lyme, you probably don’t really know what a Lyme sufferer goes through.  They might look just fine on the outside, but inside you know that the warning lights are on and the sirens are wailing!  Lyme presents itself in so many different ways, so many different symptoms, that it is difficult for anyone, the Lyme patient included, to know what is truly going on.  Treating Lyme has brought me new insight in the area of “Judgment.”  I have seen many make judgments based on their perceptions of what I look like, or how I speak, or how involved in their lives I was, discounting what I have to deal with.   Somehow my condition didn’t fit into their “story,” so it didn’t seem valid to them or simply just the lack on knowledge on Lyme.

Be prepared for issues like this to occur, and have an open heart and mind.  Changes in you are bound to bring about changes to your relationships and lifestyle.  Embrace that change.  I am speaking directly to you – if you have Lyme, be your own advocate, be true to yourself, and make the choice to support your healing.  You might find that you have to move forward in life and let some things go.  As difficult as this sounds, it is the natural law of the universe.  As you make choices to support your healing, new doors will open for your future.

Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Yes, I was told that I would not live for more than 5 years unless I would have a biopsy on my breast lump (which was hooked to my lymph nodes).  I was being forced into testing by doctors even though it wasn’t discussed – it seemed to be their decision (or protocol) and not mine.  I could not give over my rights to determining my health care.  I did not agree to the biopsy (many including myself, believe that the process of the biopsy releases the contained cancer cells into the blood stream- I saw this with my own grandmother).  A second doctor also gave me the same evaluation.  Sure enough, within two years I had four lumps.  I was going downhill fast!

By taking control of my own healing, I was able to find a doctor that was open to alternative treatment, and now with some simple health changes like Sprouting, Juicing, Raw Foods, Rife Therapy, and Ozone Therapy, I am now lump free! YEP you heard me… Breast Cancer free…. Naturally! My doctor congratulated me on taking control of my healing and doing it myself. You can too!

Currently December 2010 I am working on an Auto-Immune issue to cellulose so I am Juice Feasting for 1 year.  See the Juice Feasting for 1 Year Blog for more information.  After my 92 day Juice Feast ended in September 2010 I went back to eating raw food and immediately my body retained 5 lbs a week for 4/5 weeks.  Then for giggles my doctor said for me to go out and eat some processed food and see what happens… so I reluctantly did… right away there was the upper GI swelling again it was like I was in remission and then blam all heck breaking loose… right back into it all over.  It took 45 days of Juicing again before I could make it all of the way up the stairs without stopping!  Unbelievable the power of juicing.

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