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Personal Stories - Dean Martens

Dean Martens, Clinical Herbalist
President & Founder
Herbs of Light, Inc.

Dean MartensIn 2005, a 2nd major challenge came into my life. The first of these two challenges occurred almost 25 years earlier with the supposed incurable diseases of rheumatoid and osteoarthritis. My hands had deformed so badly that I couldn't hold the golf club correctly any more…a time I will never forget. I decided to change my life dramatically, as discussed in the DVD Lecture called “Taking Responsibility”. This talk has been used to assist people with their own health and is available from Herbs of Light. After getting rid of all my diseases including arrhythmia, ulcers, colitis, systemic candida, crones, etc., I also got all of my health back.

This second challenge had me focusing greatly on this new project of mine called Lyme disease. I knew that a change of lifestyle to almost perfect again was a must. The wheat grass was grown or shipped in from Drelich Wheatgrass Co. www.drelichwheatgrass.com, 407-568-3545 for its juice of 4 ounces a day. Lentil and seed sprouting became part of my kitchen again while all the vegetables, fruits, grains, seeds and nuts were available. This time was much easier for me concerning food and lifestyle. It's just great that the Living Foods Institute in Atlanta, GA. www.livingfoodsinstitute.com, 404-524-4488 teaches people how to grow and prepare live, delicious food that is Nature's true medicine….and we are definitely Nature.

Food is great medicine as taught by Hippocrates and it works wonders with getting health back. I did not use any herbal supplement assistance in getting my health back from arthritis. Well this time, they sure were needed! Very concentrated ones, too!


Getting my health back from incurable diseases initially led to the creation of Herbs of Light, Inc. In this company, we make available “Living Food” herbal extracts which have all their chemistry, energy and balance. This is what makes up whole, live food. When people are not ready for the efficacy of a „live food lifestyle, these supplements are very helpful. The next step, when ready, is no dead food goes in.

The mission was to put the energy back into the liquid extracts that was lost when the herb was harvested from Mother Earth. This mission was accomplished along with starting the use of GMO Free alcohol that maintained energetic balance of the medicine while being the finest solvent for major medicinal constituents like alkaloids, etc. I was very happy when this company became the Lab that produced the Private Label extracts for the Edgar Cayce Products in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Edgar had professed much wisdom about medicine. I have always respected him greatly.


Well, life kept evolving and adding to its wonder for me as I walked my talk and maintained a healthy, happy life. We know when we are suppose to get involved in any part of life when that part, keeps coming to us in many different ways. Specialized Nutritional Support,
www.specializednutritionstore.com 864-833-4372, a quality health clinic in Clinton, S.C., headed up by Dr. Charles Campbell, had been calling for us to formulate an herbal medicine for Lyme disease. They finally called one day and said they needed it now! Their offices had been filling up with people that had Lyme. I said to Charlie then that I would start on it immediately.

Two days later while getting out of bed, I noticed a Lyme's Bull's Eye on my thigh. I thought that is amazing! Yes! God and the angels were doing their work again. This was going to allow me to have great focus so that we could be of even more service for people. Our body is a magical laboratory and when Natural Laws are used, it will rebalance as discussed by Hippocrates, Jesus, and all the major wisdom that has ever been on this planet. Its easy getting rid of chronic degenerative dis-ease…however…The Discipline Is Really Tough.

Food is great medicine as taught by Hippocrates and it works wonders with getting health back. I did not use any herbal supplements getting my health back the first time with RA and Osteoarthritis. Well, they sure were needed this time. Very concentrated ones too. We put together the Lyme Herbal Protocol first ultimately for Charley's Clinic and also for ME.


When I saw the rash, I put some Herbs of Light, Oxy/Jojoba ozone skin salve on immediately, 3 times a day. This killed all the bacteria within the bull's eye and the rash went away at the end of the 2nd day. This was great, for records show that the rash usually stays from 7 to 14 days. I kept using the salve where the tick bit me for 7 days. Each morning there would be a scab at the sight of the bite which I scraped off in order to put more salve on. At the end of 7 days, I was scraping off the scab when underneath it on this last day, was the tick's body. It had gone inside of me after its bite. It was much larger from fluid filling it up.


I had heard and studied how the blood tests for Lyme were so inaccurate. Very intelligent people have said the Western Blot test had from 30 – 50% accuracy. In fact, it is one of the leading problems for people because they will get a negative test result and not know that they do have Lyme. It was very important for me to get a quality test. This would let me know if any of the Lyme bacteria had gone systemic within my blood.

The Lab I picked came from various health practitioners that I respected. It was Bowen Labs which had the Q-RIBb test. This lab is now called Central Florida Research, www.centralfloridaresearch.com, New # 863-299-3232 and have evolved further by using Flow Cytometry testing which takes us into the 21st century for its efficacy for Lyme analysis. I had thought that I might not have any Borrelia bacteria or a very small amount. The Lab alerted me that I had, for quite some time, a large amount of Borrelia along with Babesia, a co-infection of Lyme. At first, it really took me by surprise. Then things started becoming more understandable. My health is normally quite good from keeping my internal environment very clean along with having a strong immune system. This kept the pathogens at bay.

This is just the first part of the story... Read the entire story

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