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I am not a physician. I can only tell you what helped me.  Please seek a medical doctor for any medical advice.

  • Skin Brushing Order Now

    Skin BrushI owe my knowledge of skin brushing to the Healing Hands of Colorado especially Janice Sullivan. I dry brush my skin every morning before I take a shower to help improve circulation and stimulate the movement of lymphatic fluid. At the onset of the disease my body retained over 90lb of fluid- nothing was movin.’ Some other benefits of dry brushing your skin are: helps digestion, improves the function of the nervous system, strengthens the immune system, removes dead skin layers and much more. Always dry brush your skin with long sweeping strokes toward the heart. Dry brushing your skin is like giving your body a third kidney because the skin is the largest detoxifying organ in the body. Start with a medium natural bristle brush until you get use to it, it might be kind of scratchy at first. Trust me you will be buying the firmer bristle in no time because dry skin brushing makes your skin feel amazing

  • MSM Order Now

    MSMThis was the second thing the Healing Light Center handed me. I noticed a difference in my body’s level of toxins right away once I started talking MSM. I had less joint pain and inflammation right away. Although I was already taking MSM I didn’t notice a difference until I started taking it everyday in larger quantities (1-4 tbs a day). It is the first thing I drink when I wake up to help remove toxins and calcium buildup in my body. I even give it to my pets! It does have an anticoagulant effect, however, so a person taking other blood-thinners such as aspirin, should consult a physician before using MSM. More info

  • Detox Footbaths

    ion footbathI believe that it is imperative that you get the toxins out of your system (even if you think you don’t have any… just try it ~ you will be amazed at what comes out). An easy way to do this is by detox footbaths. The first time I went for an detox footbath, I was so energized I was up until 2 a.m. cleaning the house when I had been unable to do much of anything for some time prior, it was truly a breath of fresh air. After seeing the benefits of treatments I decided to invest in a machine of my own so my family could reap the same benefits I was. My toxic load was so great for the first ten treatments that I couldn’t see my feet through the water. To this day I still use the detox footbath as part of my maintenance regime. View video

  • Detox Bath

    detox bathThe best detox bath I have found is to use 16 oz. of hydrogen peroxide and a 16 oz. box of baking soda when taking a bath. Using hot water, soaking until it cools down, and unplug staying in the tub while the water is draining out, then rinse off with the shower.

  • O2 or Ozone Order Now

    ozoneWhat can I say about Ozone? No matter how you do it, it is vital for you to get more oxygen into your body, whether it is by breathing techniques, oxygen sticks, ozone therapy, oxygen therapy, H020, or simply getting more fresh air ~you may find enrolling in a breathing class beneficial. A great book on this is Flood your Body with Oxygen also there is a wonderful documentary on Ozone. View video

  • Rife Machine

    This was my first machine. I have used it for Lyme disease and it’s many co-infections: breast cancer (which I believe was a co-infection of the Lyme), liver problems, thyroid problems, low energy and fatigue to name a few. This machine has an awesome three-month detoxification program that you can run at night when you sleep. At one point during the disease I had a severe reaction to EMF’s (Electro Magnetic Frequencies) to the point where I would develop pressure in my head and a noise as if a helicopter was hovering above my house (for days!). The Rife machine has a frequency that I could run to alleviate the EMF interference. It is a multi-purpose machine that’s benefits are too numerous to list here. More info  |  YouTube video interview of Dr. Royal Rife

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