Day 19, Not as easy

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Day 19... of my 1 Year Juice feast... Interesting to watch the body adjust to juicing. You would think I would be pretty cleaned out after just completing the 92 day juicing in Sept. 2010 BUT no.... my face has bumps (which didn't happen on the first juice feast) and I am super tired- just can't get anything done! So I am getting out my Colema board (uhhh) and I will do some detox foot baths (Ion Cleanse type) and of course I will bump up my water intake. :-)

I felt a real shift after day 5-7 things got easier for sure. Already my body is responding to the juice- I am not as bloated, pain and aches going back down and I am laughing which is always a good sign! I have been on the road to better health for some time and I just have to say... I don't know Anything else that gets the results that Juice Feasting yields. The best thing of all... we are turning the clock back years by juicing- no side effects, we reap the rewards right away. Hold your ground Juice Feasters... You can do IT!!!

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