Day 78, New Years Goals

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Whoosh... Thank Gosh 2010 is OVER!!!  I am just sayin...

Looking back at 2010's goals, accomplishments, heart aches and closing the books on the year.

Some of 2010 Accomplishments-

  1. Juice Feasted 92 days without 1 bite of anything!
  2. Able to ride in a car for 4 hours to see my mom.
  3. Able to make it up a flight of stairs without help.
  4. Went into a grocery store for the first time in 6 years- I got 2 pick out my own produce!
  5. Able to wear my OWN shoes... my feet have been swollen for years (I have been wearing my husbands size 12's).
  6. Said goodbye to Lyme and Breast Cancer! BYE
  7. Took the reigns BACK!

Some of 2011 Goals...

  1. Juice Feast until October or as long as it takes.
  2. Handle this Auto-Immune issue.
  3. Be able to mow my lawn (I Love 2 do yard work).
  4. Drive my car (I have not driven in a long time).
  5. Help others along the way.
  6. Plant more produce in the yard.
  7. Visit with friends and family.

I hope you all are making your 2011 goals as well... Planning 2 Juice ur little hearts out... This IS our YEAR guys!

I am still Juicin' strong! December was a shaky month... I could have easily quit BUT I already know what that would have given me (more of the same)... I have been living it for years!  Time to walk the path less traveled.  :-) Good luck to u all... I know u can do it! May 2011 be ur BEST YEAR EVA!

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