Day 92, Struggles

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What does day 92 look like…  no food for 1 thing.
Like…  waking up thinking that you have overslept…
Like… taking a shower until all of the hot water runs out… dripping down your face along with your tears that you just can’t seem to shut off…
Like… not being able to get warm…
Like… wandering aimlessly with SO much to do…

I feel like a girl Rocky… only this is the part when I am getting my butt kicked!

You know you just have those days when you just can’t get it together… what do you do? Well I guess I could try and figure out WHY??? Maybe because I have never been Juicing this long before? Maybe last month’s emotions are finally crashing down on me? Maybe I am breaking through RAW new territory in my healing process, getting to the deep emotional crud that has been buried for years?

OR maybe I am just a Baby!

I guess really the ‘Story’ doesn’t matter much. We just have to learn to ride it out… no matter what life brings us. It is how we Identify with it… that is the true lesson.  It can be something that happened… or ‘that chapter in life’… it is when we link a ‘Story’ to it that gets us into trouble. Then whoo… here comes the scary movie the re-play of Christmas’ Past.   You see we have to go beyond… to that person within that never changes (you know the one who is always watching… observing… YA that You). Stuff is Always going 2b coming down the pipe... the question is ru going 2 bite the hook?

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