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What is Healing Lyme Naturally?

The purpose of Healing Lyme Naturally is to provide information regarding my own personal experience with Lyme Disease and to provide information, resources and tools to allow the reader to choose for him/herself the best path to healing. 

There are two basic schools of thought regarding the process of healing ourselves that most people subscribe to.  Western Medicine and it’s processes are for the majority of people as it is what we are exposed to from our infancy.   It has done quite a fine job at extending the length of our lives and it treats symptoms very well, but at times causes more side effects and does not cure the root cause of illness.  I was never a proponent of Western Medicine as I found that it’s process of deduction and use of standard pharmaceuticals often left the patient worse off in my opinion.

That is why I thought long and hard about what it meant to me to heal myself.  I knew that I was being given information and options that did not feel right to me, and I needed to follow my instinct and be the master of my own ship.  So I made myself a promise to do my own due diligence and to try Alternative Medicine Treatments before resigning myself to the treatment regime of Western Medicine and the system doctors or “White Coats” as I liked to call them.   I had always been a believer that we can heal ourselves, I now just needed the information, resources and tools to it. 

You will find many things on this website.  I will present to you the information, resources, equipment, tools and lifestyle choices and the reason that I subscribe to them.  All I ask from you is one simple yet difficult promise.  Find out for yourself!   As the Buddha said:  “Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.”

May you find the power to heal yourself!

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