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I Love Dr. AzRa (AKA Dr. Win Bertrand) he is the only Western Medicine doctor who has ever met me where I am with no agendas of his own.  The magnitude of this man cannot be expressed by words- he truly has a passion for "Healing" his patients with whatever modality is working for them.  His no nonsense approach will not let you linger in no mans land- if you are not making progress… time to look at other options! Make no mistake Dr. AzRa is the next generation of medical doctors! If you are sick and ready to heal I highly recommend Dr. AzRa.  

Dr AzRa "Western medicine is extremely useful in acute illness, but its conventional approach to complex problems, such as cancer and chronic fatigue syndrome, is, at best, incomplete. Use what works."

Holistic physician AzRa MaEl specializes in innovative treatment strategies for complex illnesses such as cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, Lyme disease, chronic pain, infections, digestive problems, and autoimmune diseases. His path as an integrative doctor began when he read Andrew Weil’s book, Spontaneous Healing, which demonstrated how thoughts and emotions powerfully influence well-being. Inspired, he trained for four years in meditation, hypnosis, breathwork and body psychotherapies while attending medical school.

Dr. AzRa traveled internationally to pursue his training in integrative medicine. His mission to explore the true causes of health and disease results in finding paths to wellness through nutritional medicine, herbology, naturopathy, prolotherapy, body psychotherapy, neural therapy, detoxification, homeopathy and oxygen therapies — as well as other techniques. His healing philosophy is basic: "use what works." He often draws from eclectic sources to find the safest, most effective treatments.

Good health depends on many factors, including genetics, diet, exposure to toxins, and emotional and spiritual health. Together, these influences create a healthy or unhealthy biological "terrain" in our body. He believes that a balanced body is very resilient to infections, cancer, and other conditions, but if the terrain is out of balance, the individual is vulnerable.

For optimal health, Dr. AzRa believes we must address all factors holistically. When the body is overwhelmed by infection or cancer, natural therapies can reduce the burden, used with medications when necessary. At the same time, it’s important to nourish and support the body with good nutrition, supplements, bodywork and acupuncture. And holistically, we can discover subtle, root causes of problems by looking for environmental toxins, emotional issues, and physical traumas.

Starting with his family practice residency, Dr. AzRa studied and practiced nutrition—and continues to study and practice — herbal medicine, heavy metal chelation, detoxification, bio-identical hormone balancing, prolotherapy, and other approaches. His background prepared him to address multiple levels of healing, from the physical to the emotional and energetic.

Dr. AzRa offers several powerful healing approaches, including prolotherapy for chronic back, neck and joint pain; neural therapy to help unblock obstructions in the autonomic nervous system; and Isopathic therapy for changes in the immune system and biological terrain.

Dr. AzRa's Tool Box

Please note: 

Dr. AzRa is on sabbatical 2012 

Office: 707.575.5180

Fax: 707.575.5509

Email: info@gordonmedical.com

We are located at:
3471 Regional Parkway
Santa Rosa, CA 95403


Education and Professional Affiliations:

Duke University School of Medicine, Durham NC (MD)
Family Medicine, University of California, San Francisco
Professional Memberships and Certifications
Board Certified, Family Medicine
Certified Chelation Therapy Physician 

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