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Steps For Healing Lyme Naturally

  1. Take Ownership of your OWN Healing
    healing processDon’t believe me… do your own homework.  This site is just a resource for you to start your own healing process.  The important first step is for you to Mentally Take Ownership of your Own Healing… know what you want your outcome to be.  Next, take ownership of your Physical and Spiritual Healing.  Evaluate your choices and align them to support your healing on all three of these levels.  Don’t depend on Doctors to educate you on Lyme, take the responsibility and educate yourself.
  2. Identify your Healing Modalities
    There are many paths to healing, and the first question to ask is “Am I treating a symptom of the problem or it’s root cause?”  Western Medicine and its Prescriptions tend to treat the symptoms and not necessarily the root issue.  Where is the Lyme disease located in your system?  What Treatment Modalities make the most sense and what is their order of priority?  As the sand shifts you will have to keep self-evaluating to stay the course and keep the ball rolling forward.  Changes to the Modalities may have to be addressed along the way.  Finding a literate Lyme doctor is key to your success!
  3. Plan your Path to Healing
    Whatever path you choose, Western Medicine, Holistic Medicine, Natural Medicine, make a plan that where you are able to self evaluate the treatment, the duration of treatment, and the improvement shown in a timely manner so you know when to move on to other options if you are not getting the results you want.  By taking action towards your healing you change your physiological state and no longer are a victim of your disease.  Journaling is key to document treatments and their results.
  4. Limit your Exposures to re-infection and everyday toxins
    Make choices that help your body reduce the possibility of re-infection while reducing and eliminating its toxic load.  Consider this: Adding additional toxins while you are trying to eliminate and heal the current toxic load only overwhelms your system.  Limiting additional new toxins (pesticides, processed foods, etc) will help support your body to heal more quickly.  This is a good time to re-evaluate if your path is working- if you are not getting your desired results, time to regroup and perhaps change your approach.
  5. Treat and Detox
    Follow your treatment plan, lower your new toxic intake, and don’t forget to journal your successes as well as opportunities. During this time your body is changing dramatically so hold on tight, and you will want to note the progress.
  6. Support and Rebuild your Body
    This usually means selecting new lifestyle changes.  Support and nurture your body by making the choices that reflect optimum health.  If you have made good choices to this point, you should have a good foundation to optimizing the best You possible.

Throughout history Human kind has realized the potential for the body to heal itself.  Now is the time for you to take ownership of your own healing and to be “The Captain of your own Ship” so to speak.  The resources for healing are many and it is up to you to make the choices and find the modalities that you can get behind and KNOW in your heart are best for you.  Choose wisely… focus on what you want your outcome to be, your health depends on it!!!


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